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Competitive Pricing and Assortment Analysis for Online Retail

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Products that are at the right price at the right time

We track your competitors pricing, inventory status, ratings, reviews, and more to give you the whole story when deciding your competitive pricing strategy.

Pinpoint opportunities to tune your product data

Compare your product data with that of your competitors to find out where you can optimize to increase your product page conversion.

Plan your new products using competitive assortment data

Find out what brands and suppliers perform best with your competition to maximize the ROI on your new assortment.

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Assortify provides actionable, competitive intelligence that focuses on product assortment comparisons within the online retail industry. We help online retailers to measure the effectiveness of their product assortment by comparing it to their competitors and analyzing trends in the marketplace. In doing this, we are able to identify opportunities for new product assortment as well as provide analysis on optimizing current product data.

Our founders have years of experience working for top 100 online retailers. We are online marketing and merchandising experts that have come together to provide insightful analysis on your assortment. Contact us today to see how we can help your company stay a step ahead of the competition.

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